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Re: please test: XMLEncoder patch - version 2

From: Robert Schuster
Subject: Re: please test: XMLEncoder patch - version 2
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 21:30:48 +0100
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Hi Roman,
the PDs have to be registered to make out-of-the-box encoders (new
XMLEncoder(...)) be able to process instances of those classes. However: If you
want to split Swing out of the class library there is no point in trying to
register a PD for them since the class isnt there anyway.

I prepare a patch that will resolve this issue by using Class.forName() which is
allowed to fail for such classes.

Btw: Currently the encoder relies on the StAX implementation. If someone decides
to rip that out one has to provide an alternative


Roman Kennke wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> Is it really necessary to directly reference all those classes in
> java.beans.Encoder.setupDefaultPersistenceDelegates()? Can you explain
> what this method does and why the encoder won't work without these
> persistent delegates? I am asking, because we had discussions about
> breaking down the class library in the past, and pulling in e.g. Swing
> by dependencies in java.beans looks ugly to me. Can the same effect be
> achieved without directly refererring to those classes?
> Cheers,
> /Roman

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