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Re: gnu.xml.dom.DomText implements Text and NodeList.

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: Re: gnu.xml.dom.DomText implements Text and NodeList.
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 09:28:27 +0100

Hi Pedro,

On Tue, 2006-01-10 at 04:31 -0400, Pedro Izecksohn wrote:
> >We ask that people agree to the GNU Classpath Hackers requirements
> >before granting CVS commit permissions. You can find them at:
> > 
> I'm submiting source code to this list to be included in the GNU classpath 
> project, assuring that I wrote this code and it is legally mine, accepting 
> that it will be distributed under the GNU General Public License with the 
> linking exception, and I'm donating this code to the Free Software 
> Foundation.
> If I need to sign on paper, tell me from where may I download the model.

Thanks. I'll sent you the request form by email in a second.

> >It really should be a static inner class (since no state of the outer
> >class is used).
> inner: Inside which one? DocumentType, ProcessingInstruction, Comment, Text,
> CDATASection and Notation have no children.
> As:
>   DomCDATASection extends DomText,
>   DomText extends DomCharacterData,
>   DomComment extends DomCharacterData, 
> it would be better to modify DomCharacterData.
> DomDoctype, DomNotation and DomProcessingInstruction seem (to the test case 
> below) to be OK.
> May be a public class as below.

Ah, right, I missed that it had to be done in several places. Having one
(package private?) class seems the way to go.

Sorry for not picking this up yet, I have been a bit busy with preparing
for the next (0.20) snapshot release (and was secretly hoping Chris
would pick this up since he is much more familiar with this part of the

> About the test case below:
> I could not imagine a better class name. It needs a XML with DTD that
> contain all the elements that it tests. I need to learn about Mauve.

Most of Mauve is fairly simple. See
If you take one of the existing testlets as example you will see that it
basically is replacing the main() method with a test() method and
replacing the System.out and if statements with harness.check()
statements. You can load a simple XML file with

  // Resource names are
  // just like file names.  They are relative to the top level Mauve
  // directory, but '#' characters are used in place of directory
  // separators.



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