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SecurityManager troubles

From: Guilhem Lavaux
Subject: SecurityManager troubles
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 19:40:55 +0100
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I have stumbled across a bug probably shared by all VMs using GNU Classpath. In Apache Ant a SecurityManager is installed to be able to execute java application without forking the VM. Thanks to the SM exiting a VM is forbidden and so ant is protected from the applications using System.exit(). However it causes us some troubles for the cases where we have not pre-loaded some core classes such as (and probably some other). I have attached with this email a testcase which summarises quite well the situation.

1) If you try it without the '.class' invokations to preload the specified classes you will end up with a NoClassDefFoundError in the best case while invoking checkPermission. This is due to an hidden infinite loop recursion while the class loader invokes checkPermission for loading/defining a class. It happens that java/security/Permission is not yet loaded at the time checkPermission is invoked. So the VM tries to resolve/load/link it at method invokation. It's really bad because to be able to do it the VM invokes again checkPermission. In that case either the VM must check for circularity and throw a NoClassDefFoundError (or circularity I am not really sure here as I haven't checked carefully the JVM spec).

2) With the ".class" invokations the classes are preloaded by the VM before the SM is installed and so no problems occur because the VM does not invoke the class loader to retrieve the class.

3) One solution of the problem is to load some core classes. But it will appear quite soon that some other classes may also be loaded for really wicked applications. It is a limitative solution and I would not support it.

4) Another solution is to make a special case for selected core packages. In that case the class loader will bypass security verifications. This is a variant of 3 but less limitative and it does not force us to preload classes.

5) I don't know if we cannot go into other troubles if we apply (4).
At the moment the JDK has passed variants of the attached tests (and obviously without the ".class" preloading).

Any other idea ?



public class testSM
        static class mytest

        static class MySM extends SecurityManager
                public void checkPermission( perm)
                        if (perm.getName().equals("aaaaaa"))
                                throw new SecurityException("no exit !");
                        } else if (!perm.getName().equals("charsetProvider"))
                        System.err.println("perm.getName()=" + perm.getName());

        static public void main(String args[]) throws Exception
                Class sc = SecurityManager.class;
                Class sc2 = Security.class;
                Class sc3 =;
                Class sc4 = java.lang.StringBuffer.class;
                Class sc5 =;

                System.setSecurityManager(new MySM());
                URLClassLoader cl = 
                URLClassLoader cl2 = new URLClassLoader(cl.getURLs());
                Class c = Class.forName("testSM$mytest", true, cl2);


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