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Re: RMI and java.rmi.server.hostname

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: RMI and java.rmi.server.hostname
Date: 11 Jan 2006 13:54:22 -0700
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>>>>> "Lorenz" == Lorenz Witte <address@hidden> writes:

Lorenz> Currently I meet the problem by modifying the static constructor of
Lorenz>, so that the static field
Lorenz> "localhost" is initialized with the value of the
Lorenz> java.rmi.server.hostname property

It looks like we have a few bugs in this area.  I found this page

Your patch looks like it would help, but it doesn't address all the
issues.  It seems reasonable to use it as an interim solution though.
It sounds like by default we're using -- does this happen
with the JDK as well?

I filed a PR:

I would have linked to your message but, weirdly, it isn't in the
list archives yet.


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