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NIO (Non-block & Scatter/Gather)

From: Michael Barker
Subject: NIO (Non-block & Scatter/Gather)
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 22:26:59 +0000


My name is Mike Barker.  I am interesting in contributing to the GNU
Classpath project.  As a start I have looked the NIO implemenation with
regards to Channels (specifically SocketChannel).  

Attached to this mail is a patch that adds support for configuring a
socket to be non-blocking and uses readv and writev system calls to
support native scatter/gather operations.  Native access is through a class.  This class could also be added to other Channel
types to implement native scatter/gather I/O across the board.

The patch is not quite complete.  It passes the Mauve tests, but
requires a more comprehensive set of tests (e.g. testing readv/writev
and different types of ByteBuffer, direct & mapped).  However if what I
doing looks reasonably sane, I can continue in order to provide a more
complete patch.  Comments, criticism, etc. is welcome.

Quick question:
I understand the info on the Wiki around developer tainting, which is OK
as I have not studied the Java sources.  What about black-box testing of
the functionality of the JVM?  Does doing this taint the developer?

Mike Barker.

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