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RE: SecurityManager troubles

From: Jeroen Frijters
Subject: RE: SecurityManager troubles
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 15:58:14 +0100

Archie Cobbs wrote:
> Mark Wielaard wrote:
> > Maybe we can again special case that security check by doing a
> > this.getClass().getClassLoader() == null?
> > Hmmm, no, that doesn't work since getClassLoader() will trigger a
> > security check. Nasty...
> That's what VMStackWalker.getClassLoader() is for... you could use it.

I considered that, but it is a little less safe than the approach I
took, because if in the future a new subclass of CharsetProvider is
added to the API, the calling class loader check would succeed if a user
provider subclassed this new subclass.


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