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Re: Updating Mauve tags

From: Roman Kennke
Subject: Re: Updating Mauve tags
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 00:59:39 +0100

Hi Mark,

> > I see that we have a concept of tags in Mauve. That is a collection of
> > keys at the top of each test class. This way we can filter the tests.
> > ATM we have tags for the JDK versions like JDK1.4 JDK1.3 and so on and a
> > couple of other tags. However, it seems that they are not maintained in
> > a usable way, so most people simply include every tag that they can
> > think of (that is what's done in batch_run for example) to run all
> > tests.
> Why do you feel they aren't maintained in a usable way?

This was caused by a misunderstanding of the usage/meaning of those
tags. I was thinking that when a test has the tag JDK1.x, that this test
is meant to PASS under a JDK1.x-ish JDK. As Michael and others have
pointed out on IRC this is not the case. If I want to test a JDK1.3-sh
(for example) environment I should include JDK1.0 JDK1.1 JDK1.2 and
JDK1.3 tags in my keys.

The problem that I am seeing is when a test that is written to PASS
under 1.4 fails under 1.5. There are lots of those tests in the
testsuite for the javax.swing package. So my plan would have been to tag
all tests that pass under JDK1.5 with the 1.5 tag and those that don't
only with JDK1.4 or whatever is ok. Since the tags are not meant to be
used that way, maybe we can do it different. Could we extend the
choose-classes script to detect !JDK1.x tags in the tag header of java
source files and don't include the test in a JDK1.x test run?


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