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Re: Classpath 0.20 successfully built with Cygwin

From: Enrico Migliore
Subject: Re: Classpath 0.20 successfully built with Cygwin
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 09:40:45 +0100
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On Thu, 2006-01-19 at 07:29 +0100, Enrico Migliore wrote:
Hi Mark and Dalibor,

I've successfully built Classpath 0.20 with Cygwin.

I also understood why I wasn't able to build Classpath with
the following option: --enable-gtk-peer
I hadn't installed the following library: gdk-pixbuf

Now I'm able to build Classpath 0.20 with the following options:

  ./configure --with-jikes --enable-gtk-peer

Cool!  But have problems with jikes:

/home/twisti/bin/jikes +Pno-switchcheck +Pno-shadow +F  -bootclasspath
'' -extdirs '' -sourcepath ''
-classpath ../vm/reference:..:../external/w3c_dom:../external/sax:.:
-d . @classes

Found 1 system error and issued 1 warning:

*** Semantic Warning: The file
"../vm/reference:..:../external/w3c_dom:../external/sax:.:" is not a
valid directory.

*** Semantic Error: You need to modify your classpath, sourcepath,
bootclasspath, and/or extdirs setup. Jikes could not find package
"java.lang" in: ../vm/reference:..:../external/w3c_dom:../external/sax:.:

make: *** [compile-classes] Error 1

Any thoughts?


Hi Christian,

download and compile this tarball, with Cygwin:

 $ make
 $ make install

I'm not sure that Davanum's patch (See Kaffe's FAQ.win32 in CVS HEAD)
is really needed because I was able to build Classpath in two ways: with and without
the patch.

The problem I had was related to a non-ANSI character present in a Java source file (CORBA), which made Jikes hang. After Mark patched the code, I've been able to build Classpath 0.19 and 0.20



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