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Moving classpath mailinglists

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: Moving classpath mailinglists
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 10:21:33 +0100

Hi all,

Since email to the lists still can take hours from time to time we have
decided to temporarily move some lists to till
the new GNU mailing-list server is online (hopefully in a month).

For now we only move the main classpath and classpath-patches lists
since these are the most interactive.

If we setup everything correctly you shouldn't notice much of this move.
The address you sent and (seem to) receive email from is still
address@hidden, it just get routed through our own machine (mailman administration and archives
will also move there for now). We hope to do the actual move at the end
of the/my day (19:00 CET == 18:00 UTC == 1:00 PM Boston). I'll sent
another email when the move is done. It should all be very transparent,
so please feel free keep sending emails in the meantime to the lists.

If you have any trouble after the move please contact me (or Jim, Tom
and Michael who also help administration of the



P.S. seems to have been listed in spamcop again for a
brief time (please don't use this RBL it seems very bogus) and we seem
to get a lot of bounces at the moment and automatic unsubscribes by
mailman because of this. I have a list of subscribers just before this
seemed to have happened so I will reinstate all subscriptions during the

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