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[Classpathx-discuss] Bigger Breasts in 45 days or your money back

From: the_hgh_clinic47
Subject: [Classpathx-discuss] Bigger Breasts in 45 days or your money back
Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 18:02:51 -0700


On = January 29th, 1994, the results = of an=20 extraordinary clinical trial were submitted to the United States Patent = Office.=20 In this double-blind clinical trial, female subjects (between 18 and 51 = years=20 old) were given two unmarked bottles, one containing the active formula, = and the=20 other containing a placebo (an inactive, but identical-looking gel). The = distinguishing mark on the bottles was a simple "A" or "B". Each of the = female=20 volunteers was directed to apply compound "A" to one breast and compound = "B" to=20 the other, once in the morning and once at night. The subjects were = completely=20 unaware which bottle contained the active formula... but not for long. = By the=20 end of just one week, something remarkable happened: each and every = volunteer=20 noticed that one of her breasts was larger than the other =96 = a dramatic=20 "increase[ ] in firmness, plumpness, fullness, and [a] more youthful=20 appearance."

The results were = undeniable: 100% of=20 the women tested experienced a visible increase in firmness, fullness, = and=20 plumpness of the breast itself... an increase in = actual cup=20 size that everyone could see. And now, after almost seven long = years of=20 testing, refinement, and negotiation, the exact formula used in the = study has=20 been exclusively licensed to S=F6vage Dermalogic Laboratories. The = powerful,=20 clinically proven formula is called S=F6vage Breast=20 Augmentation Serum, and it's finally available in the United States = (although in=20 limited quantities), so now you can experience the power of=20 cleavage.

The Extraordinary Properties of Breast = Tissue
Because of the = extraordinary=20 properties of breast tissue, every woman has the ability to increase the = size of=20 her breasts. S=F6vage Breast Augmentation Serum's topically applied, = advanced=20 transdermal gel technology takes advantage of the unique properties of = breast=20 tissue. It expands the cellular substructure of the female breast, = increasing=20 the size of the breast itself =96 not just the bustline, but the actual = cup size,=20 where it really counts.

The formula penetrates deep into the outer layers of breast = tissue =96=20 preparing the cellular substructure to accept increased volume = by blocking=20 lipolysis and increasing hydration of the breast tissue. In simple = terms, S=F6vage=20 Breast Augmentation Serum gives breast cells the capacity to absorb = additional=20 volume, similar to the way a sponge swells as it absorbs water. Your = breasts=20 increase in both size and weight, developing a new, satisfying feeling = of=20 fullness as the breast itself expands.

So What's the Catch?
There = are two.=20 First is the price. S=F6vage Breast Augmentation Serum has been = clinically proven=20 to increase bust (cup) size; however, the price can only be justified if = you are=20 truly serious about having larger breasts. Second, no matter how many=20 advertisements you've seen for breast developers claiming to = "permanently"=20 enlarge the bust, the fact of the matter is, nothing =96 we repeat, = nothing =96 will=20 permanently enlarge the bust except surgery. That is why, after maximum = growth=20 is achieved, you must continue to apply S=F6vage Breast Augmentation = Serum once a=20 day, three or four times per week, to maintain the increased firmness, = fullness,=20 and size of your breasts.

What Can You Expect From S=F6vage Breast Augmentation = Serum?=20
S=F6vage Breast Augmentation Serum is not some phony =93miracle = product.=94=20 Although S=F6vage Breast Augmentation Serum will produce a dramatic, = undeniable,=20 visible increase in breast size, no one is going to go from a size AA to = a=20 permanent DD without surgery. However, S=F6vage Breast Augmentation = Serum will=20 produce dramatic increases in firmness, plumpness, and fullness right = where it=20 counts =96 a profound, visible difference in cup size everyone = will notice.=20 More than enough to eliminate
the embarrassment when the time comes to = undress=85 in the=20 locker room in front of your friends, or during = those most=20 intimate occasions when there's no place to hide.

Money-Back Guarantee: Take the S=F6vage Test! =
Try S=F6vage Breast=20 Augmentation Serum for yourself. Simply use the S=F6vage Breast = Augmentation Serum=20 exactly as the subjects did in the clinical trial. Apply it to only,=20 for 45 days, and if you don=92t see a dramatic increase in size, = fullness, and=20 plumpness of the S=F6vage-treated breast, we will send you a full, = prompt refund,=20 no questions asked. With S=F6vage Breast Augmentation Serum, you can = finally enjoy=20 the attention and respect a great figure demands=85 confidence, = self-esteem, and=20 power. Order S=F6vage Breast Augmentation Serum today. You will see and = feel the=20 difference, and so will everyone else=85=20 guaranteed!

Call 1-877-569-3715 to ORDER=20 NOW!

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