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Re: [Classpathx-discuss] Re: LibxmlJ formalities

From: Nic Ferrier
Subject: Re: [Classpathx-discuss] Re: LibxmlJ formalities
Date: 26 Feb 2003 09:32:27 +0000

David Brownell <address@hidden> writes:

> >>I have chosen `gnu.xml.libxmlj' as package root for this project,
> >>`gnu.xml.libxmlj.transform' as package name for the XSL transformation
> >>part, and I'll use `libxmlj' as CVS module name. OK?
> >
> >
> > That's great.
> Yep -- a fine thing to have.  I've never been a rabid believer in
> "100% Pure Java", and javax.xml.transform using libxslt sounds like
> like it should be good.  How does that compare (speed and memory)
> with the typical 100% pure implementations?

libxslt reads the whole document into memory to do the transform so
it'll be quick. It should also be more memory efficient than, say
xerces, which has the same implementation strategy.

The only trouble is libxslt will never be able to deal with
streams. But you can't have everything.


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