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Re: [Classpathx-javamail] first web page checkin

From: Ben Speakmon
Subject: Re: [Classpathx-javamail] first web page checkin
Date: 16 Jun 2001 12:23:09 -0400

On 16 Jun 2001 11:54:24 +0100, Nic Ferrier wrote:

> Can you change the banner so it's the same as the JAF page?
>  o align the classpathx logo to the right
>  o put the text "GNU Javamail Project" in H2
> Can you change the link for "free programs that implement the java
> virtual machine" to point to:
>   /software/java/java.html". That page maintains information about
> the various projects like Kaffe and GCC.
> Can you add a link to "through CVS" in the download section so that
> it links directly to the savannah CVS page for javamail?
> Is the information in the providers list ok? AFAIK all dog's
> providers (POP, Mbox and NNTP) are complete.

All this stuff is done and in CVS.

>    I'm thinking that the developers working on 
>    each service provider should maintain the 
>    page(s) for that provider. We can link them from
>    javamail.html and they can get real nice and 
>    technical if that suits their purpose. 
>    That way we won't scare casual users. :)
> Once we've got some user's involved I would like to get them to write
> documentation for the providers. I don't think dog or I has the time
> to do it.

I wasn't sure about the status of each of the service providers, so I
just put them all as underway. I was hoping that the people most closely
involved (i.e., developers) would be able to update that to reflect
their current status. If they needed more detail, they can go ahead and
put it on the yet-to-be-written individual provider pages.

No worries, though. I'm itching to get to the SMTP stuff. Now that the
web page is up, I have no more excuses. :)


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