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[Classpathx-xml] patch for libxmlj

From: David Neary
Subject: [Classpathx-xml] patch for libxmlj
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 11:58:53 +0200

Hi all,

I got sidetracked from this for a couple of days, but here's the patch I
promised. This should run through clean.

A few notes on the changes:

1) The dependencies for JARFILE have changed to just 1 of the classes. Since
all of the classes are recompiled at the same time, this should be OK. The
only danger, I guess, is that another of the classes is out of date, and the
class that's a dependency is up to date. A couple of tests seemed to verify
that this doesn't pose a problem, at least with gnu make.

2) The javac line has changed to just $JAVAC $JAVACFLAGS path/*.java. At
least my jdk complained about duplicate class names before.

3) The jarfile takes all the .class files, not just the ones in the
dependency list. Before, it was missing the anonymous inner classes in

I'm hoping to plug some of the leaks which are currently preventing me from
using this on Win32 in the next couple of days - hopefully valgrind and
efence will help locate them. Anyone have any tips on debugging shared
libraries that get loaded by a JVM?

Also, I haven't looked at the problems with make dist yet. I may do this in
the future, but since I don't immediately need it, I may not get around to
it :) Ok - I have also written a very dumb implementation of LinkedHashMap
so that I could compile the java with a jdk 1.3.1 - I'll attach that here
too. Improvements are happily accepted for that :)

Thanks for the code, by the way.


David Neary
Phenix Engineering
110 ave Jean Jaures, 69007 Lyon 

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