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[Classpathx-xml] Licence compatibility for James Clark's XT

From: Phil Shaw
Subject: [Classpathx-xml] Licence compatibility for James Clark's XT
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 17:08:49 +0100


I'm working on a project that may need a Java XSL processor some way 
down the line. We intend to release the project under GPL and I'm 
doing research on what's available to work with.

I have been in touch with the GNU ClasspathX mailing list and it was 
suggested I ask you about the status of James Clark's XT, now 
maintained by Bill Lindsey.

See the two links near the top of the page.

To me, the permission seems open and free, but I would appreciate a 
more authoritative opinion.

Best regards,


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