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[Classpathx-xml] Re: [dom4j-dev] GNU JAXP license violation

From: Paul Libbrecht
Subject: [Classpathx-xml] Re: [dom4j-dev] GNU JAXP license violation
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 21:37:20 +0100

Gee, that tastes quite ugly.

AElfred has been under public-domain originally... and now there is be a revision that would be under a way more restricted, namely, under GPL !?

How about trying the AElfred version including in the Open-Source Saxon 6 (and maybe the open-source part of saxon >= 7). Modifications were under Mozilla Public License which I find more comfortable to work with...

What's expected of the AElfred ?


Le 4 nov. 04, à 14:15, Elliotte Harold a écrit :

dom4j appears to be in violation of the GNUJAXP License unless it has special permission from the FSF. Does it?

Specifically the latest release of dom4j (and probably earlier releases) has taken the code from GNU JAXP, *modified it*, and incorporated it into its code base which is published under a BSD license. They are not merely linking to the GPL code as permitted by the GPL with library exception.

The modifications are probably not major. The only one I know of is changing the package name to org.dom4j.aelfred and org.dom4j.aelfred2 instead of gnu.jaxp.aelfred/gnu.jaxp.aelfred2 though there may be others. I suspect the problem might be able to be cured by linking to the unmodified gnujaxp.jar instead of incorporating the Gnu code directly in the dom4j code base.

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