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[Classpathx-xml] Missing native method for GnomeXPathNSResolver.lookupNa

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: [Classpathx-xml] Missing native method for GnomeXPathNSResolver.lookupNamespaceURI()
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2004 23:41:36 +0100

I am integrating libxmlj into GNU Classpath and came across the

        cd ../../../classpath && scripts/
        Found a problem with the JNI methods declared and implemented.
        (-) missing in implementation, (+) missing in header files
        make[3]: *** [all-local] Error 1

That is a nice script from Michael Koch that points out missing or
misspelled JNI methods.

Could this simply be solved by the following patch (since we already
have a GnomeDocument and GnomeNode.lookupNamespaceURI() is implemented)?
Or does that have different semantics?

--- source/gnu/xml/libxmlj/dom/        3 Sep 2004 
11:33:18 -0000       1.3
+++ source/gnu/xml/libxmlj/dom/        27 Dec 2004 
22:39:00 -0000
@@ -57,9 +57,6 @@

   public String lookupNamespaceURI (String prefix)
-    return lookupNamespaceURI (doc, prefix);
+    return doc.lookupNamespaceURI (prefix);
-  private native String lookupNamespaceURI (GnomeDocument doc, String prefix);

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