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have you been caught by a photo cop yet? -vdr

From: Plate invisible
Subject: have you been caught by a photo cop yet? -vdr
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 07:15:36 +0500

Introducing Photo-Blocker
this revolutionay new product makes your licence plate
COMPLETELY INVISIBLE to ALL FORMS of photo enforcement!

You will NEVER BE CAUGHT by red light cameras or speed
enforcement cameras, or your money back - 100% GUARANTEED!

"This is a high gloss spray that even the bakersfield police department admits 
they have a hard time proving whats on your plate."

-CBS news
"the product works"

"state law makes outlawed plate covers, but the statute doesn't specifically 
address sprays"

"at the time being australian authorities are powerless to stop its use, let 
alone catch those who are using it."

-Australian News
"This product really does work, as a matter of fact, it works great! I ran a 
red light, saw the flash, and its been 2 months and still no word, well ya know 
what they say no news is good news! Thx again photoblocker, for creating such a 
great product!!!"

Mike J.
"Although i don't run red lights on purpose, I still seem to run them when I am 
tired, or just have to much on my mind... So when i saw photoblocker I figured, 
hey why not give it a shot, and already it has paid for its self. Thanks for 
this magnificent little miracle-in-a-bottle!"

Susan L.


Come Here to find out more

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