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Give him/her a Watch

From: Stacey Davies
Subject: Give him/her a Watch
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2004 01:13:54 +0200

Who can resist a 24kt. white gold R/O/L/E/X w/a/t/c/h surrounded in stainless steal? The high profile J/e/w/e/l/r/y you're looking for at the l/o/w/e/s/t p/r/i/c/e/s in the nation! Get someone the the perfect G/i/f/t or treat yourself to our fine quality W/A/T/C/H/E/S! We have a very large selection and unbeatable P/r/i/c/e/s! We carry all the top B/r/a/n/d/s We carry R/O/L/E/X and many other fine W/a/t/c/h/e/s.

CLICK HERE and choose from our collection of R/O/L/E/X W/A/T/C/H/E/S.


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