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Re: Support for MinGW compilers in the Cygwin environment

From: JonY
Subject: Re: Support for MinGW compilers in the Cygwin environment
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2013 23:24:35 +0800
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On 10/23/2013 19:55, Earnie Boyd wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 6:09 AM, JonY wrote:
>> On 10/23/2013 13:49, Daniel Richard G. wrote:
>>> It's a situation where the two "platforms" are not all that different---
>>> the system can run binaries from both---and avoiding the need to
>>> rigorously cross-compile from one to the other is a big convenience.
>>> Obviously, Cygwin vs. MinGW programs is a different comparison from 32-
>>> bit vs. 64-bit programs, but it's close enough to allow the same
>>> argument to be made.
>> No close enough for you, stop this misinformation. You ARE already cross
>> compiling, you cannot mix code from either platforms, even if they both
>> run on Windows.
> JonY you forget to mention that what Daniel is trying to do has
> already been tried once and long since abandoned in favor of using a
> cross compiler.  Remember the -mno-cygwin conglomeration of ugliness?

Indeed it reeks of -mno-cygwin, I remember the Cygwin developers
rejoicing when GCC support for it was finally dropped after all these years.

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