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Re: POWER8 LE not recognized

From: Ben Elliston
Subject: Re: POWER8 LE not recognized
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2016 06:45:55 +1000
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Hallo Markus,

Danke feur deine email.

> my system is not recognized by config.guess. It is a POWER8 little endian 
> system with RHEL 7.2.
> config.guess timestamp = 2016-07-06

That is strange. Support was added in 2013 for ppc64:

2013-06-06  Anton Blanchard  <address@hidden>

        * config.guess (ppc64le:Linux:*:*, ppcle:Linux:*:*): New.

Can you check if this entry is in config.guess around line 1029?

        echo powerpc64le-unknown-linux-${LIBC}
        exit ;;

Cheers, Ben

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