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Patch for config.guess and config.sub for vNonStop platform

From: Randall S. Becker
Subject: Patch for config.guess and config.sub for vNonStop platform
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2018 17:10:01 -0500

Hello GNU,

I am one of the platform maintainers for HPE NonStop Open Source projects
and have been asked by the team I represent to submit config.guess and
config.sub changes for the latest HPE Virtualized NonStop (a.k.a. vNonStop).
Without meaning to cause problems, I created a pull request at githubL Please let me know if this is
acceptable or whether you would like the old-style forms to be followed. I
do not want to end up with a merge conflict. I also corrected an error with
the NonStop NSX definition.


-- Brief whoami: 
 NonStop developer since approximately NonStop(211288444200000000) 
 UNIX developer since approximately 421664400 
-- In my real life, I talk too much.

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