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RE: Issue in Config.guess - in system powerpc64le

From: Kumar, Awanish
Subject: RE: Issue in Config.guess - in system powerpc64le
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2018 10:27:25 +0000

The command $ find . -name config.guess | xargs grep 2011-10-19  is NOT 
returning anything. Which means in no files this value is present. But when we 
are installing (R CMD INSTALL RPostgreSQL_0.6-2.tar.gz ) we are getting error 
saying old config.guess file. Now I am really clueless from which location this 
value is coming.

What other option we can try?


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Subject: Re: Issue in Config.guess - in system powerpc64le

On Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 02:21:14PM +0000, Kumar, Awanish wrote:

> As suggested by you, I searched every occurrence of the files in the
> source directory and replace them with the downloaded file. But when I
> am trying to install its giving the old error, even the timestamp is
> showing " config.guess timestamp = 2011-10-19 ".

> I don't able to find the location from where it is reading this
> timestamp. Is there any chances that this problem is related to
> something else?


Go to the top of the source tree and run:

   find . -name config.guess | xargs grep 2011-10-19

.. that will show you which files you have missed.

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