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Re: [PATCH 2/4] Indent maybe_os stuff ahead of refactor

From: John Ericson
Subject: Re: [PATCH 2/4] Indent maybe_os stuff ahead of refactor
Date: Tue, 1 May 2018 16:12:18 -0400
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Sure, but I'm a bit confused on what you intended. There's a mix of tabs and spaces which leads me to think you are using 4 space indent with a tab for every 8 spaces? But the rest of the file looks like it is using a tab per indent level (such that the spaces/tab doesn't matter), where 4 spaces/tab is intended so the indent visually matches what you did.

Also, I meant to _over_ indent so the next patch would be less noisy. Sorry my commit message was very confusing as to that intention.

Not knowing what you want, I'll do 4 patches:

1. Make all indent exclusively tab-based like the majority of the file,
   and with `| ` leading successive lines of big, multi-line case patterns.
2. Add more tabs to _properly_ :) over-indent this time preparation of (3)
3. My 4 component patch from before
4. My `arm*-*-none-eabi` patch from before

I'll fix the commit messages to match the `    * config.sub ...` style too.

Let me know if you want anything additional/different.



On 05/01/18 01:46, Ben Elliston wrote:
This change is fine in principle, but I didn't agree with your
indenting rules. ;-) Please re-do your patch #3 using current master.

Cheers, Ben

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