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Re: Σχετ: Re: x86_64-solaris

From: Earnie
Subject: Re: Σχετ: Re: x86_64-solaris
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2018 16:44:34 -0500
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On 12/20/2018 4:20 PM, Rainer Orth wrote:
Hi Apostolos,

If I understand correctly you do notlike the fact config.sub
correctlyguesses that a system is 32 or 64bit?

quite the contrary: if you boot a 64-bit kernel (the default since
Solaris 10/SPARC and Solaris 11/x86), the *system* is *both* 32 and
64-bit.  What's of interest to the build process and thus the configure
triplet is if the *compiler* used generates 32 or 64-bit code: if using
a 64-bit compiler (either because that's the default or because you use
-m64), you get the 64-bit configure triplet, while with a 32-bit
compiler (again by default or due to -m32), you get the 32-bit triplet
instead.  Your change lost that distinction.

Using switches such as -m32/-m64 or -mwindows (which was removed) for Cygwin causes user issues. It makes tool maintenance nearly unattainable when all the possibilities are to be considered. A decision was made to use the uname specifics to determine the guessed system. If something other is required the user has the ability to specify the system. You may want to review [1] to see if it might help you.



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