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Σχετ: Re: Σχετ: Re: Σχετ: Re: Σχετ: Re: x86_64-solaris

From: Apostolos Syropoulos
Subject: Σχετ: Re: Σχετ: Re: Σχετ: Re: Σχετ: Re: x86_64-solaris
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2018 11:57:38 +0000 (UTC)

Στις Παρ, 21 Δεκ, 2018 στις 14:26, ο χρήστηςRainer Orth
<address@hidden> έγραψε:

> The reason for doing is TeXLive. "We"
> provide both 32 and 64bit binaries. But
> when you try to install the binaries, the
> script always guesses that the system is
> 32bit and never installs the 64bit binaries.

As I've said, you can control this (or could before Karl imported your
config.guess patch) either by setting CC='gcc -m64' in the environment,
or in the case of TeX Live's install-tl script, by passing
-force-platform if you don't like the default.

This produces 64bit binaries but since the
 installer uses thus script, the 64bit
binaries never get installer. 

> On my 64bit system I want to run 64bit
> binaries.

Unless you have really tried if 64-bit TeX performs better than 32-bit
TeX you may even do yourself a disfavor by insisting on 64-bit binaries.
I DO NOT CARE! I WANT 64bit binaries
on a 64bit platform. End of 

I think I've now clearly made my point: your patch to config.guess
causes massive problems especially but not only for the compiler
etc. toolchain and is just your personal preference, nothing more.

This is your own view. And of course
I completely disagree. In the end the
script correctly guesses the host and
if you do not like it that sonething
beyond me.

It has since been reverted in the config repo, and I'd like to ask Karl
to do the same in TeX Live.

And this is mistake. You have some
sort obsession that is the root of
all evil. Either try to solve your problem
or stop bothering people with your


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