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Re: More recognizing NetBSD CPUs (Super-H, MIPS 64bit)

From: coypu
Subject: Re: More recognizing NetBSD CPUs (Super-H, MIPS 64bit)
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2019 11:03:27 +0000
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Hi Ben,

I am only interested in recognizing this case:

The bug report to prompt me to make this change is:

The reason 'shl' is used, is due to this normalization in config.guess:
                sh3el) machine=shl-unknown ;;
                sh3eb) machine=sh-unknown ;;
                sh5el) machine=sh5le-unknown ;;

>From code inspection, NetBSD/Super-H 'uname -p' will only ever return
'sh3el' or 'sh3eb'.*
I get the impression that the desired normalization would be
'shle' for little-endian and 'sh' for big-endian.
For unclear reason, 'shl' was used instead of 'shle' in config.guess.

GCC handles both:

# Note the 'l'; we need to be able to match e.g. "shle" or "shl".
sh[123456789lbe]*-*-* | sh-*-*)

I was over-eager to change things, being inspired by GCC's config.gcc.

* Super-H 5 / sh64 had a very brief life, and almost no hardware was
made. Although, due to patents expiring, there's renewed interest in
FOSS Super-H variants.

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