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Installation of printer driver for HP smarttank 570 (

From: jaqu2030_pm
Subject: Installation of printer driver for HP smarttank 570 (
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2020 12:10:52 +0000

I have a Raspberrypi 4B with 2 GB and installed Ubuntu server 20.04 and ubuntu Mate desktop 1.24.0. Swap-file is 2GB as well.  See attached copy of stdout in terminal window(200729_cli_stdout.

I Try to install driver for HP Smarttank 570.  Problem with config.guess and config.sub files  from 2011-05-xx.  New downloaded files timestamped 2020-07-12 & 2020-07-10 are overwritten in ./ directory during startup of the script ( /  See attached downloaded files from "" and terminal stdout(200729_cli_stdout).

The question is may be only where to include the downloaded files timestamped 2020-07-12 & 2020-07-10 (config.guess & config.sub) ??  The config.guess and config.sub files  from 2011-05-xx are obviously copied into current dir (./) from somewhere when executing  As you see, I have included the downloaded files in the ./ directory and they where overwritten by the config files timestamped with 2011-05-xx (config.guess & config.sub).

Looking forward to rapid solution/work around.

Best regards
Jan Hallquist (Norway)

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