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Re: thumbv7[arm] support

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: thumbv7[arm] support
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2020 15:58:51 -0700

Hi Dmitry - thanks for getting back so quickly.
I hope Mr. Kolanich can answer the questions. I know nothing.

    > + | arm | arm[bl]e | arme[lb] | armv[2-8] | armv[3-8][lb] | armv7[arm] | 
thumbv7[arm] \

    thumbv7[arm] means thumbv7a | thumbv7r | thumbv7m - did you mean that?

My understanding that he simply copied the existing "armv7[arm]" to
make the new thumbv7[arm]. Whether thumbv7 actually has those suffixes,
I don't know.

    Just to make sure you didn't mean that thumbv7* needs to be translated
    to arm or armv7*.

    What's the CPU-MFR-OPSYS triplet you are using?


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