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Re: [Confuse-devel] [PATCH] build: workaround xmlto/xsltproc bug that fa

From: Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belon
Subject: Re: [Confuse-devel] [PATCH] build: workaround xmlto/xsltproc bug that fails distcheck
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2010 11:02:16 +0000
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On Tue, Jul 06, 2010 at 10:54:30PM -0400, Nathan Phillip Brink wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 04, 2010 at 06:55:39AM -0700, Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belon wrote:
> > when building the documentation out of tree, xmlto will be unable to
> > merge the generated entities with the tutorial if not on the same dir.
> > 
> > before calling xmllint, copy tutorial.xml to the working directory and
> > create a tutorial.rm flag so it can be later removed.
> I sent a patch that fixed xmlto itself to xmlto's maintainer in April and he 
> promised that he would fix xmlto and make a bugfix release someday. This, of 
> course, hasn't happened yet. I just sent another email to him so hopefully 
> he'll wake up ;-).

OK, eventhough I had to admit that when I look at it seemed more of a
problem with xsltproc, but is nice to see the xmlto patch you mentioned
before and which hopefully will get released eventually.

> However, maybe I'm crazy, but I'd prefer to hold off on this patch in the 
> hopes that xmlto will be fixed.

OK, make distcheck working is not that high of a priority IMHO either
but since `make check` in a release package was broken with the recent
commits was interested on fixing this one as well, since your comments
from the commit log seemed to imply it should be working anyway.

> Having fewer workarounds in the buildsystem means a cleaner buildsystem.
> But I understand that this approach may not work for everyone.


> I have attached my patch to xmlto in case if anyone's interested. Perhaps I'm 
> making a bigger deal out of this than I should, though ;-).

Hopefully it is now clearer to everyone what is broken and why, but
other than that I don't think it is that big of a deal.


PS. that was a big patch, probably difficult to review too, which
    might be what is holding it out.

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