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coreutils-8.15.74-be17e3 build comments

From: Nelson H. F. Beebe
Subject: coreutils-8.15.74-be17e3 build comments
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2012 07:17:42 -0600 (MDT)

coreutils-8.15.74-be17e3 built successfully and passed its tests on
some of my systems, but there were also failures on several.  Some
will not doubt be fixed by patches posted to this list that I expect
will be included in the next round; I did not apply any of them here.

Here is a summary of failures:

Gentoo Alpha:
        Just one test failure:
        FAIL: cp/fiemap-perf

Gentoo PowerPC-32:
        Had to restart build with LIBS=-lintl (not necessary on
        PowerPC-64 system).  All tests passed.

Gentoo SPARC:
        The build succeeded, the tests passed, but "make install"
        produces this error:
                sed: -e expression #1, char 9: unknown option to `s'
                WARNING: version string 8.15.74-be17e3 is out of date;
                run 'make _version' to fix it
        This system has sed 4.2; 4.2.1 experienced test failures, so I
        did not install it.

Mac OS X PowerPC and x86_64:
        Build succeeded, but far too many tests fail (three builds on
        each CPU, with cc, gcc, and c99):

        # TOTAL: 476
        # PASS:  296
        # SKIP:  92
        # XFAIL: 0
        # FAIL:  88
        # XPASS: 0
        # ERROR: 0

NetBSD x86:
        Build succeeded, but too many tests fail:

        # TOTAL: 476
        # PASS:  365
        # SKIP:  95
        # XFAIL: 0
        # FAIL:  16
        # XPASS: 0
        # ERROR: 0

        These are the failures:

        FAIL: rm/inaccessible
        FAIL: misc/nohup
        FAIL: misc/printf-cov
        FAIL: misc/sort-discrim
        FAIL: cp/existing-perm-race
        FAIL: cp/file-perm-race
        FAIL: cp/parent-perm-race
        FAIL: cp/preserve-slink-time
        FAIL: dd/sparse
        FAIL: du/inaccessible-cwd
        FAIL: du/long-from-unreadable
        FAIL: install/install-C
        FAIL: ls/block-size
        FAIL: ls/stat-failed
        FAIL: tail-2/pipe-f2
        FAIL: touch/not-owner

OpenBSD x86:
        Ten failures:

        FAIL: rm/interactive-always
        FAIL: rm/interactive-once
        FAIL: misc/sort-compress
        FAIL: misc/sort-continue
        FAIL: misc/timeout
        FAIL: cp/same-file
        FAIL: cp/src-base-dot
        FAIL: dd/sparse
        FAIL: install/install-C
        FAIL: ls/color-clear-to-eol

        Build succeeded, but some tests fail:

        # TOTAL: 476
        # PASS:  385
        # SKIP:  88
        # XFAIL: 0
        # FAIL:  3
        # XPASS: 0
        # ERROR: 0

        These are the failures:

        FAIL: misc/sort-month
        FAIL: dd/sparse
        FAIL: df/total-verify

Solaris 10 SPARC:
        Just one failure:

        FAIL: dd/sparse

Solaris 10 x86_64:
        Five failures:

        FAIL: rm/cycle
        FAIL: rm/rm1
        FAIL: dd/sparse
        FAIL: mv/part-symlink
        FAIL: mv/perm-1

Ubuntu 11.10 x86:
        Two failures:

        FAIL: test-frexp-nolibm
        FAIL: test-printf-frexp

        Further up in the build log, I found these:
        test-frexp.h:126: assertion failed
        test-printf-frexp.c:75: assertion failed

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