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8.20 release plan?

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: 8.20 release plan?
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2012 12:07:41 +0200

Hi Pádraig,

Would you please review this?

    [ cp: avoid data-corrupting free-memory-read ]

That bug is obviously serious and the fix merits a prompt release.

What would you or anyone else like to see committed before the release?
Ondrej's df patch is overdue, but I haven't reviewed it, and now wonder
if it'd be better to defer it until after 8.20.  Without reviewing it,
however, I'm not well placed to estimate its risk/benefit ratio.

I will have less time for free software in the coming months (I'm
changing jobs and moving back to the US (San Francisco)), so help
with the backlog would be most welcome, even if it's just doing
triage (ping/add-"moreinfo"/close-if-fixed) on the bugs that have
been around for too long:

Anyone can help.  Just send properly formatted mail messages per
these guidelines:

Additional guidelines: closing a bug can seem harsh to the submitter,
so be gentle and give more explanation rather than less.  If a report
may be valid but lacks sufficient info, please request more info and
leave a record by applying the "moreinfo" tag.  Then, as is too often
the case, when there's no reply, we can go through and close the old
moreinfo-marked bugs.

Another way to help with bug triage that I've recently experimented
with is to use emacs' brand new debbugs interface.  To do that,
you may have to use a very recent version of emacs, like 24.2
or maybe even newer:

I use the latest emacs built from git/bzr and put this in ~/.emacs:

    (setq debbugs-gnu-default-packages '("coreutils"))

With that, run this command to get a nice interactive
view onto the hundreds of open coreutils bugs:

    emacs --eval '(debbugs-gnu nil)'

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