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new snapshot available: coreutils-8.19.166-3131c

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: new snapshot available: coreutils-8.19.166-3131c
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2012 13:36:35 +0200

We plan to release coreutils-8.20 early next week, so any testing
you can do between now and Monday would be most welcome.

Here's the NEWS:

coreutils snapshot:      5.0 MB

Changes in coreutils since v8.19:

Benno Schulenberg (3):
      touch: line up long option in --help text
      dd: remove references to the word BLOCKS from help and texi docs
      doc: remove a stray parenthesis from 'cp --force' description

Bernhard Voelker (4):
      tests: correct print_ver_ arguments and add a rule to enforce this
      build: fix syntax-check rules broken by test-added .sh/pl suffixes
      maint: fix typo from previous comment edit
      maint: mbsalign.h: fix typo from previous comment edit

Eric Blake (2):
      build: work with new glibc when not optimizing
      build: default to --enable-gcc-warnings for git tree

Erik Auerswald (1):
      doc: escape double quotes in autotools-install --help

Jim Meyering (58):
      maint: post-release administrivia
      tests: don't require @acronym{...} around POSIX
      maint: stop using @acronym{...} in texinfo sources
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      tail,stat: improve support for ZFS
      scripts: git commit message hook: prohibit use of "Signed-off-by:"
      build: factor out a little more re list of *.texi files
      scripts: add autotools-install, for those stuck with outdated tools
      build: reenable just-moved/broken syntax-check rule
      scripts: fix the Signed-off-by:-prohibiting hook to actually work
      build: fix VPATH issues in C compilation
      maint: avoid distcheck failure by properly cleaning $(ALL_MANS)
      maint: check-programs-vs-x: avoid a new syntax-check failure
      build: make each man/prog.1 depend on src/prog, not src/prog.c
      build: restore handling of space-tainted build directory name
      maint: accommodate upcoming, expanded list of warnings from gnulib
      maint: disable sc_proper_name_utf8_requires_ICONV test
      tests: depend on the programs we're testing
      rm: avoid bogus diagnostic for a slash-decorated symlink-to-dir
      rm: be more careful when using a replacement errno value
      tail,stat: add support for VZFS
      tests: improve checks for setuidgid-using root-only tests
      factor: NEWS and tests
      maint: adjust ChangeLog to correct Author
      maint: move gl/m4/root-dev-ino.m4 contents into its module definition
      maint: move the last coreutils-specific files from lib/ to gl/
      build: fix a minor man-page generation dependency error
      build: do not require help2man at build-from-tarball time
      maint: improve comments
      maint: allow per-directory CFLAGS settings with non-recursive make
      build: new module to convert lib/ to non-recursive make
      build: handle @address@hidden make problems
      build: build lib/ using non-recursive make
      tests: reenable "make -C tests ..." commands
      seq: 70x faster for non-negative whole numbers and incr==1
      build: don't prefix the RHS of "GPERF = ..." with "lib/"
      build: do not rely on automake's AM_TESTS_ENVIRONMENT
      doc: update seq description
      doc: NEWS: mention the conversion to non-recursive make
      maint: make the tight-scope syntax-check rule work again
      tests: cp/link-heap: avoid new failure on rawhide
      maint: fix a comment typo
      rm: be even more careful when using a replacement errno value
      build: move non-recursive-gnulib-prefix-hack to gnulib; update
      tail,stat: improve support for vmhgfs
      doc: correct an old bit of ugliness in nice --help output
      doc: same correction, but now in texinfo documentation
      du: avoid abort on systems for which ->me_type is not malloc'd
      build: remove redundant dependency: $(PROGRAMS): lib/libcoreutils.a
      maint: make-prime-list: avoid -Wsuggest-attribute=const warning
      maint: make-prime-list: do not ignore write failure
      maint: make-prime-list: syntax conventions; be robust for large N
      factor: merge with preexisting factor; integrate tests; avoid warnings
      factor: 25% speed-up, on output
      build: avoid link failure when strerror is replaced
      maint: avoid warning from gcc's -Wunused-macros
      cp: avoid data-corrupting free-memory-read
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest

Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy (1):
      df: allow translators to reorder "1K-blocks" header

Nick Alcock (1):
      tests: fix misc/sort-exit-early to skip if root

Niels Möller (1):
      factor: more improvements

Nikolas Kallis (1):
      doc: improve HACKING guidelines

Ondrej Oprala (3):
      du: handle bind-mounted directory cycles gracefully
      md5sum, sha*sum: add --tag to output a format indicating the algorithm
      cp: fix the --no-preserve=mode option

Pozsár Balázs (1):
      dd: new option, status=none to suppress output statistics

Pádraig Brady (8):
      nproc: disallow non option command line parameters
      maint: add more control flags to mbsalign
      seq: enable the fast integer printing code in more cases
      ls: fix coloring of dangling symlinks in default listing mode
      timeout: handle signals more transparently
      doc: disambiguate the niceness explanation in nice --help
      build: support older GMP versions
      factor: fix integer validation and GMP fallback

Rob Day (1):
      rm: fix the new --dir (-d) option to work with -i

Stefano Lattarini (78):
      tests: remove useless defn of REPLACE_GETCWD from TESTS_ENVIRONMENT
      build: don't abuse Automake internals (with its 'check-am' rule)
      maint: slightly improve .gitignore
      build: add extra *.texi files to coreutils_TEXINFOS, not EXTRA_DIST
      build: prefer '$(top_srcdir)/doc' over '$(srcdir)' in doc Makefile
      build: use 'check-local' to extend the 'check' target
      build: don't use recursive make to build the 'doc' subdirectory
      build: don't define $(SUFFIXES) explicitly
      maint: simplify definition of $MAN in
      build: add an explanatory comment
      build: fix a stray usage of uninitialized $(ME)
      build: rename common_dep -> mandep in man/Makefile
      maint: typofix: s/it's/its/
      build: rely on VPATH capabilities in man/Makefile
      build: make a rule less dependent on exact source tree layout
      build: provide convenience target 'all_programs' also at top-level
      build: rework some recipes in man/, for future changes
      build: don't use recursive make to build the 'man' subdirectory
      maint: move man-related syntax checks in
      maint: adjust syntax check 'check-x-vs-1'
      maint: adjust syntax check 'sc_option_desc_uppercase'
      maint: update gitignore entries
      build: enable the 'subdir-objects' Automake option globally
      tests: merge tests/ into tests/
      build: require Automake >= 1.11.2
      tests: avoid use of '-T' in shebang line to enable perl taint mode
      tests: detect missing perl at configure runtime
      tests: add .sh and .pl suffixes to shell and perl tests, respectively
      tests: get rid of the 'shell-or-perl' auxiliary script
      maint: fixup: don't try to distribute a now-removed file
      build: move definition of 'all_programs' in
      build: some refactorings in
      build: don't use foo_LDADD if there's no foo program
      maint: remove unused variable in src/
      maint: more uses of $(ASSORT)
      build: don't use '$<' in non-suffix rules
      maint: get rid of obsolete script 'cvsu'
      maint: make required gettext version consistent
      maint: add our 'bootstrap_post_import_hook' function
      build: refactor how lists of coreutils programs are defined
      build: don't use recursive make to build the 'src' subdirectory
      build: fix generation of manpages for programs not built by default
      maint: improve remake rules for maintainers
      maint: remove unused target 'install-root'
      maint: fix and simplify maintainer checks
      maint: fix one stray reference to src/
      maint: update gitignore entries
      build: simplify: get rid of some indirection variables
      build: simplify and make more portable to non-GNU make
      build: one less unneeded make variable
      build: rename dist_man1_MANS -> man1_MANS
      build: simplify: get rid of yet some more indirection variables
      build: enhance man pages cleaning and dependencies
      build: $(mandeps): new, to factor out man pages dependencies
      maint: simplify declaration of "libexec" programs
      maint: port manpages generation to VPATH builds
      maint: fix build_programs definition not to use "make -C src ..."
      scripts: autotools-install: style and portability fixes
      scripts: autotools-install: allow user-specified make program
      build: use 'check-local' to extend the 'check' target
      maint: avoid parsing of from vc_exe_in_TESTS
      maint: remove useless dependency for vc_exe_in_TESTS
      maint: make vc_exe_in_TESTS also work in VPATH builds
      tests: use suffix, not exec-bit, to tell which files are tests
      tests: remove the unused 'root-hint' target
      maint: remove duplicated declaration of the 'sc_check-AUTHORS' target
      maint: remove anachronistic syntax-check
      maint: list of names of built programs available in the Makefiles
      build: don't use recursive make for tests/ subdirectory
      tests: put test-suite.log back in 'tests/'
      build: remove two now-useless convenience targets
      maint: vc_exe_in_TESTS should actually be a syntax check
      maint: avoid a spurious syntax-check error
      maint: fix syntax checks 'sc_root_tests'
      tests: more resilient about tainted absolute srcdir path
      maint: fix a spurious syntax-check failure
      build: fixup: correctly recognize if perl is missing

Torbjörn Granlund (3):
      factor: don't ever declare composites to be prime
      factor: prepare for the new factor program
      factor: new much-improved implementation; not yet integrated

Changes in gnulib since v8.19:

* gnulib bc33a8a...d245e6d (94):
  > euidaccess: speed up 'configure' on GNU hosts
  > * lib/regexec.c (re_search_internal): Fix grammar in comment.
  > fchmodat, fchownat, fstatat: port to non-inlining compilers
  > fchmodat.c, fchownat.c: fix compile-impeding typos
  > fcntl-h: support GNU flags like O_IGNORE_CTTY
  > faccessat, etc.: support AT_FDCWD-only use
  > faccessat: speed up 'configure' on mainstream hosts
  > faccessat: port to Solaris 10
  > canonicalize: fix C89 compilation
  > autoupdate
  > group-member: omit unnecessary dependencies
  > gethrxtime: port to C++
  > ptsname: fix macro-name typo
  > inttostr: Relax license.
  > ptsname_r: support ptys returned by FreeBSD posix_openpt
  > pselect: reject invalid file descriptors
  > select: reject invalid file descriptors
  > select: enhance test
  > ptsname: reject invalid file descriptors
  > hash-pjw-bare: new module
  > manywarnings: cater to more gcc infelicities
  > select, poll tests: Make setsockopt invocation effective.
  > sockets, sys_stat: restore AC_C_INLINE
  > localeconv tests: Avoid test failure on OpenIndiana.
  > havelib: Follow libtool developments.
  > ChangeLog: mention who reported the problem.
  > fstatat.c: fix a compile-impeding typo
  > extern-inline: provide a -Wundef safe config.h
  > hash-pjw: relax license to LGPLv2+
  > autoupdate
  > fix strict vs. lazy variable issues with RELEASE
  > formatting changes
  > provide "make upload" to ease uploading
  > factor the validation of RELEASE_TYPE
  > silent rules
  > localename: port gl_locale_name_thread_unsafe to FreeBSD
  > binary-io, eealloc, mbfile, mbiter, mbutil, xsize: better 'inline'
  > pipe-filter-gi, pipe-filter-ii: better use of 'inline'
  > fdutimensat: omit unnecessary AC_C_INLINE
  > fchmodat, fchownat, fstatat: use extern-inline
  > acl, mbchar, priv-set: use extern-inline
  > sockets, sys_stat: remove AC_C_INLINE in MSVC-only cases
  > tls-tests: omit unnecessary 'inline'
  > utimens-tests: avoid unnecessary 'inline'
  > misc: don't limit commentary to inline functions
  > non-recursive-gnulib-prefix-hack: new module
  > ChangeLog: fix indentation
  > generalize _gl_tight_scope for non-recursive make
  > exempt trailing blanks found in "binary" files
  > sc_prohibit_path_max_allocation: don't FP for UNIX_PATH_MAX
  > teach sc_prohibit_magic_number_exit to accept 77
  > relax sc_prohibit_strcmp, to avoid a false positive
  > localcharset: work around Mac OS X bug with UTF-8 and MB_CUR_MAX
  > doc: document sticky-EOF issue
  > poll: fix poll(0, NULL, msec)
  > poll: fix for systems that can't recv() on a non-socket
  > poll/select: document portability problems not fixed by Gnulib.
  > update from texinfo
  > Fix typo in previous patch: 1 -> 4.
  > fcntl-h: check for AIX 7.1 bug with O_NOFOLLOW and O_CREAT
  > net_if: give more details about the bug being fixed
  > net_if: new module
  > readutmp: fix non-portable UT_PID use
  > update from texinfo
  > fts: reduce two or more trailing slashes to just one, usually
  > fts: when there is no risk of overlap, use memcpy, not memmove
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > manywarnings: update the list of "all" warnings
  > * lib/ (_Bool) [__cplusplus]: bool, not _Bool.
  > stdbool: be more compatible with mixed C/C++ compiles
  > revert last change: it was not needed
  > tests: skip if git is not available
  > gnulib-tool: Remove no-op option --no-changelog.
  > autoupdate
  > doc: remove fdl-1.2.texi
  > execinfo: port to FreeBSD
  > xstrtol.h: avoid "_Noreturn is not at beginning of declaration" warning
  > doc: do not use @acronym
  > stdnoreturn: port to newer GCCs
  > pipe-filter: fix comment typo
  > execinfo: new module
  > extern-inline: support old GCC 'inline'
  > avoid redundant file name in message
  > timer-time: fix link order when static linking on glibc
  > timespec: omit unnecessary AC_C_INLINE
  > stat-time: omit unnecessary AC_C_INLINE
  > ignore-value: omit unnecessary AC_C_INLINE
  > sys_select: avoid 'static inline'
  > mktime: avoid 'static inline'
  > autoupdate
  > gnulib-tool: Improve coding style.
  > gnulib-tool: Fix indentation.
  > gnulib-tool: Remove old file names from .cvsignore, .gitignore.

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