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pr: floating-point error

From: Ondrej Oprala
Subject: pr: floating-point error
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 10:03:04 +0200
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one of our customers made a bug report, stating that pr -nNUM FILE
causes a floating point exception if NUM >= 32
and I would really like to hear your opinion on how to solve this.
The easiest solution would be to document the <32 limit for the -n option.
The more difficult one would be to support numbers of arbitrary length.
I was thinking about the second solution and  AFAIK the line number is not
used in any arithmetic (apart from incrementation), so it could be represented as an array of digits, with a function incrementing the array from the rightmost element as needed. Then we would just print out the array one element at a time. It would
probably cause a performance penalty though.
Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.


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