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installed Texinfo documentation vs. --enable-no-install-program

From: Bernhard Voelker
Subject: installed Texinfo documentation vs. --enable-no-install-program
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2013 20:58:09 +0100
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Although a user/distributor uses configure's --enable-no-install-program
option to not build a certain program, e.g. kill, or she doesn't explicitly
use the otherwise skipped programs via --enable-install-program - namely
arch and hostname -, the installed Texinfo documentation will contain the
corresponding info node.

Shouldn't the build system include/exclude the relevant parts of not-installed

Situation in the distributions:

* SuSE
  maintains a patch to remove all "hostname" parts from the manual:

  configure call:

  %configure --libexecdir=%{_libdir} --without-included-regex \
            --enable-install-program=arch,su \

* Archlinux
  delivers the Texinfo manual of not-installed arch, hostname, groups, kill and 

 ./configure --prefix=/usr --libexecdir=/usr/lib \

* Fedora
  no problem, they also build the 2 programs which are usually skipped:

  %configure [...] \
             --enable-install-program=hostname,arch \

* Debian and
* Ubuntu
  delivers Texinfo manual of not-installed hostname:

  BUILDPROG_OPTS := --enable-install-program=su,arch

Have a nice day,

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