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Re: [PATCH] delaying dd allocation

From: Bernhard Voelker
Subject: Re: [PATCH] delaying dd allocation
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2013 23:35:10 +0100
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On 01/23/2013 11:48 AM, Ondrej Oprala wrote:
> Hi Bernhard,
> thanks for the remarks. Also, you were right about the corner case, the 
> succession of commands
> $ touch a
> $ dd if=a seek=1 bs=1
> $ ^D
> actually caused a segfault. Sorry, I didn't notice it before.
> I added a few lines to alloc_obuf, which cover the case when the initial 
> ibuf allocation is skipped but
> obuf needs to be allocated and is to be set to ibuf and removed the 
> newly redundant check before memset.
> Thanks,
> Ondrej

Hi Padraig,

I'm afraid this one slipped from my/our list. ;-/

AFAIR that last patch was okay, but we should have a look
on it again. Do you think we should include it in 8.21?

Have a nice day,

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