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Re: coreutils-8.21 released [stable]

From: Joachim Schmitz
Subject: Re: coreutils-8.21 released [stable]
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2013 11:22:51 +0100

Pádraig Brady wrote:
This is to announce coreutils-8.21, a stable release.

There have been 121 commits by 18 people in the 16 weeks since 8.20.

Executive summary: 8.21 is mainly a bug fix release, including fixes
for recent regressions in cp, factor and seq.  cut has received fixes
for many long standing issues.  df is updated to better handle newer
systems that link /etc/mtab to /proc/mounts, and also provides a new --output
option to control which fields to display.  A new numfmt utility was
included to provide various number formatting and conversion

here's a small patch to numfmt.c:

diff --git a/src/numfmt.c b/src/numfmt.c
index 8c21c2b..50f295d 100644
--- a/src/numfmt.c
+++ b/src/numfmt.c
@@ -1195,7 +1195,7 @@ process_suffixed_number (char *text, long double *result,
   Returns a pointer to the *delimiter* of the requested field,
   or a pointer to NUL (if reached the end of the string).  */
static inline char *
-__attribute ((pure))
+__attribute__ ((pure))
skip_fields (char *buf, int fields)
  char *ptr = buf;

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