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Coreutils Tips service

From: Anoop Sharma
Subject: Coreutils Tips service
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2013 23:47:29 +0530

Hi All,

I spent my last year working full-time to create "A-Tip-A-Day" service for GNU Coreutils. Tips are available at:

I am a GNU Coreutils user for more than a decade and still found that I was unable to learn it sufficiently well. There is too much to learn and I also kept on forgetting usage and features of the commands. This service is an answer to that pain point. Manual is a formal document (an rightly so) and I felt that it is insufficient for mediocre users. To graduate from a mediocre user to an advanced user requires lot of googling and reading. All the information is not available at a one place. I hope that with these tips that effort would not be required.

The idea of tips is to keep the information load small and spread it over a long duration.

These tips are based on Coreutils Manual, Bug archive, Answers on Stackoverflow, POSIX specs, source code (basically all that I could read on coreutils) and some of the tips are my own creation.

My aim is to make these tips available under GNU licence but charge for sending them in email. I can sacrifice the aim of charging if community here feels that undesirable. But I would love if this work can become useful as part of Coreutils documentation or can be useful in any other way for Coreutils (like ebook).

I am interested in documenting coreutils (including source code) in more detail. These tips, (sufficient in number for one email everyday 5 days/week for a year) are a first step to gauge usefulness of this kind of effort.

Not all commands are covered yet. However, I have attempted to ensure that the commands that are covered are covered completely (except tail command where I have found some defects in the portions that have not been documented). I have limited web skills and am working to improve the presentation of the content on the blog.

Your feedback and comments are solicited.


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