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Move Command Feature

From: Michael Boldischar
Subject: Move Command Feature
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2013 12:23:15 -0500


This is a suggestion for a new feature in the "mv" command.  This feature applies to moving directories.  If a user moves a directory with a lot of files and encounters an error, it can often leave the source directory in a partially moved state.  It makes it hard to redo the operation because the source directory has changed.

The feature I'm looking for is a flag in the "mv" command that preserves a copy of the source directory until the entire tree has been successfully copied to the destination directory.  At that point, the move command can delete the source directory.  That way, a user can fix the error and rerun the same move command.  It makes it easier and less of a headache.

There might be other ways to accomplish this.  But, I would use this feature all the time if it were available.  I call it the "safe move operation."


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