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[install] Strange behavior.

From: Hugues Moretto-Viry
Subject: [install] Strange behavior.
Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2013 21:25:27 +0200


My question concerns install binary from GNU coreutils (8.21). Let's assume "/usr/local/bin" exists and belongs to root (user/group).
I run the following command (in non-root):
install -d -o 0 -g 0 -m 755 /usr/local/bin

When I launch this command with my regular user, I have no errors messages.
In fact, strace shows the return code, which is 0:

Since, I'm not root, it shouldn't exit with success.
I noticed this behavior when I was trying to fix a Makefile, provided by one of my friend.
Actually, I don't know if it's a bug. I concluded it exits with 0 because folder already exists with correct ownerships, so the command isn't evaluated.
But, I'm not sure about it.
Am I right?

install -d -o 10 -g 10 -m 755 /usr/local/bin
prints an error as it should.

I'm a not a coder so it's almost impossible for me, to find an answer, that's why I sent this email.



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