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Re: Feature Request: disallow world-writable files in chmod

From: Ben Lentz
Subject: Re: Feature Request: disallow world-writable files in chmod
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2013 16:03:18 -0400

> And the kernel devs would never allow it.  You may still want to patch
> your local systems, either chmod or the kernel.  However, this will
> not be accepted upstream.

Although it might not be apparent, do I understand this. It would be
trivial to write a perl program to replace chmod and permit setting
whatever permissions you wanted.

However, I would guess that, in a practical sense, users who are
running around 'solving' permission issues with chmod 777 probably
aren't savvy enough to rewrite chmod in another language.

My suggestion was merely meant to insight thought in the user
attempting to set files world-writable, perhaps triggering a
discussion with their system administrator about proper usage of
groups, sudo, etc. I'd sleep easier at night knowing novices were
running around using 775 instead of 777 by default if they didn't know

I certainly don't aim to remove S_WOTH from the kernel; I certainly
don't think chmod providing some resistance or objection to being used
to set this bit would be a bad thing.

Maybe the world isn't ready yet. Oh well, thanks anyway I guess.

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