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Re: chmod changing ctime even if no mode change

From: Ray Dillinger
Subject: Re: chmod changing ctime even if no mode change
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2013 08:07:25 -0700
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On 10/13/2013 05:43 AM, Bernhard Voelker wrote:

> I'm somehow tempted to read that as "but don't do it if nothing has
> changed". Fixing the code accordingly wouldn't be too hard ... _but_
> that would stand in contrast to commit f8e66794 [3] which (probably
> precautionarily?) did it the other way round back in 2000:
>   Perform the chmod even if the
>   file mode permission bits are the same as those that should be set.
>   Omitting the chmod call would be alright with minimal 1003.1e DS17
>   ACLs, but eventually there will be other permissions in addition to
>   rwx.  E.g., add and delete for directories, and something analogous
>   to NT's take ownership permission.
> Does anyone know of a real situation where omitting the actual chmod(3)
> call would cause problems?  Otherwise, I'd say that current chmod(1)
> violates POSIX.


My opinion is that chmod should definitely update the file time if it
changes any permission or file attribute, and that on systems that
have permissions beyond rwx, or more than 3 'levels' of permissions,
that includes cases in which the changes did not include any of
the classic UNIX permission bits.

Conversely, if it changed _nothing_ about the file's permissions or
attributes, then it ought not update the timestamp either.


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