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Re: [PATCH] stty: add support for "stick" parity

From: Colin Leitner
Subject: Re: [PATCH] stty: add support for "stick" parity
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2013 12:24:59 +0100
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sorry for posting the patch without any context.

> This seems fairly general and worthwhile. I found some info here:
> I would change "stick" to "constant" in the patch probably.

it's the nomenclature from termios(3). This also indicates that
the libmip library must be fairly old, because CMSPAR has been
part of the public linux headers for quite a while (older than

> Also I remember this recently in passing on lkml...
> which references:
> which only adds C_CMSPAR(tty) as an internal define now,
> which hints that this might not be well supported generally?

Yeah, it's almost as exotic as CDTRDSR, but at least
documented and supported by a few serial drivers. I ran into
the missing feature when I tried to test some Linux driver


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