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Re: bug#8527: cp/mv in coreutils don't respect the default ACL of parent

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: Re: bug#8527: cp/mv in coreutils don't respect the default ACL of parent
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2014 08:16:52 -0700
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The user data / extended attribute forks are where linux store the ACL's. ext4 should
be configurable to do what you want to do, but I haven't personally used it -- 
I understand it has similar functionality as xfs.  The process umask is a 
off of privs/permissions one sets on a normal file (ACL's aside).  It affects 
permission bits on the file   So if your umask was 077, then you open a file for
rwx rwx rwx, it would mask off group and other allowing the permissions to be
700 or rwx, --- ---.  (I might have the order backwards, but it's the standard
order you see in ls with numeric permissions)...Your umask will affect your file
mode creation, but it depends on what flags you use when you use 'cp' -- which is one of the main points of my "detail"... after everything was shown to be working correctly
in my case, a setting I have in an "alias" to my "cp" would have over-ridden any
other settings and made it look like 'cp' ignored directory ACL or (sounds like you might
be talking group-owner ship -- of a dir -- or are you talking both).

Really, I'm not a member of the core utils devel group, so I really prefer you send your
answers and questions there, as they'll catch alot more things than I would -- 
I was
just showing an example of how your setting can override everything you think you are setting -- so you'll need to provide more detail about what your umask is, (type umask at prompt to see), and whether or not you have any aliases or ENV vars in effect that could
alter things.  If you can give an exact formula along the lines of what I did to
demonstrate your problem, that will help the developers the most.  The detail I 
was only to show how things you don't think of may be affecting you and to be sure to check for them. I'm cc'ing the list on my reply, but leaving your email off of it, so if you want to ask them if they need more information that's fine... otherwise, write down the exact
commands you typed and your environment, to repeat it.. (umask included).

If you want to use my lsacl script.. it's a trivial build on top of the chacl
program.  But please post to the list so everyone can be on the same page....
----lsacl script ----
 more lsacl
for fn in "$@"; do
  out="$(chacl -l "$fn")"
  qfn=$(printf "%q " "$fn")
  if ((thislen>acllen)); then acllen=$thislen; fi
  printf "%-${acllen}s %s\n" "$perm" "$fn"
Very trivial... but allowed  me to look at multiple files at a time...

IF you can give a recipe or script that duplicates the problem you saw, that 
be the best way to move this bug along (toward cockpit error or new special case found!).
Best of luck either way!

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