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ls: change default color for directory

From: Siegfried Kiermayer
Subject: ls: change default color for directory
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2014 11:42:36 +0200
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first of i'm sry i was unaware that i can't answer you guys without
subscribing to the mailing list. Therefore my only solution was to
subscribe and send a new 'Thread'?! :(

Tx for your kind answers and the information about LS_COLORS.

I already use stow and dircolors to change my default coloring and the
main reason for doing so was the blue color of directory.

After reading that is good readable i tried it out again and my
conclusion is: When i have two texts beside i can read white text on
black background min. 20centimeter 'longer' than the blue on black

This is quite huge.

Therefore i was wondering if there is a chance to overthink the defaults
after x years.

If there is any chance (like a voting process, science to find out what
would fit the most) it would be awesome.

If not and you don't like the idea and i have no real chance to propose
something like that, i tried at least :)



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