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requested sort enhancement - unique with count

From: David H. Durgee
Subject: requested sort enhancement - unique with count
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2014 16:00:21 -0400
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At present it is necessary to use both sort and uniq if you want a tabulated list of unique items. As an example, I needed to do so for an error log to determine what errors were most frequent:

sort .xsession-errors | uniq --count | sort -n

If I were interested only in the unique lines without counts I could have used sort -u, but that does not give me any feel for how frequent a line is in the file. The above works well as long as the file is not too large, but obviously takes a lot of both time and temporary space if the file is huge. If sort could count the lines while keeping only the unique lines there would be only one pass through the file and no excessive temporary space would be needed.

My incentive for processing this particular log file was some sort of run-away error logging that actually filled the partition the log file was on, at which point the file was about 7G of data. I wound up using tail to take the last million lines and getting the most frequent errors from that and assuming that this way typical, but of course it would have been nice to know.


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