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Re: ln: make symbolic links default

From: Nellis, Kenneth (Conduent)
Subject: Re: ln: make symbolic links default
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2017 17:30:42 +0000

(Apologies if this message breaks threading.)

On Fri, 31 Mar 2017 19:36:46 -0700, P?draig Brady wrote:
>On 31/03/17 16:29, blastmaster wrote:
>> Subject: [PATCH 1/2] ln: make symbolic links by default:
>> * This commit changes the default behavior of ln.
>>   Instead of creating hard links the default will now
>>   create symbolic links.
>>   If you still want to create hard links the -h option is provided.
>> * We think that it is more natural to create symbolic links instead of
>>   of hardlinks. Today hardlinks are rarely used. Moreover, its much more
>> economical
>>   to save the writing effort of the additional parameter.
>I like it.

What is the transition plan? For example, I have scripts that create hard 
links, and I want them to continue to create hard links. What can I do in 
advance to modify my scripts so that when the patch is installed, they 
will not break?

I see that -h will be offered, but it isn't valid now, so I can't prepare. 
It will be too late after I install the patch. It seems a transition 
version that gives us a chance to prepare before pulling the plug is 

I would like to see a transition version that recognizes an environment 
variable that specifies the default link type, and that the code 
recognizes both -h and -s. Then I can prepare and when the patch hits, 
nothing breaks. Also, the transition version should not recognize ANY
defaults (-h, -s, or environment variable) so that problem areas are

--Ken Nellis

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