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Re: Determination of file lists from selected folders without returning

From: SF Markus Elfring
Subject: Re: Determination of file lists from selected folders without returning directory names
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2017 22:25:02 +0200
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>> The result does not look in the way I was looking for when I try the command
>> “find ~/Projekte/Bau -name '*txt' -prune” or
> Are you sure that does what you want?

No. - My imaginations can not be mapped to this command interface directly
so far.

>> Does any programming interface exist already which will provide only
>> basenames for the found files directly?
> Again, if you are using GNU find, then the -printf directive is your friend.

This information can be appropriate for some use cases.

> If you are trying to use just POSIX tools, then you have to pipeline together
> multiple tools to get the same effect.

I know that this data processing style is usual.

Does a mapping of the function “opendir” (or “fdopendir”) exist for a command?

> Please, help us help you.

Your feedback is useful already.

> Chances are, existing tools can do what you want, but having a concrete 
> example
> in front of us instead of a vague request will make it easier

Can a similar feature request “Determination of a file list from a single folder
without changing the working directory” (for the tool “GNU Make”) help for
a better understanding?

> $ find a -maxdepth 1 \! -type d -printf %f\\n

Can it be that this command retrieved more data than necessary just for the
display of the basename?


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