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Re: [PATCH] Implement SM3 hash algorithm in gnulib and the computing too

From: 张佳(乾越)
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Implement SM3 hash algorithm in gnulib and the computing tool in coreutils.
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2017 16:05:30 +0800
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于 2017/10/11 下午3:15, Pádraig Brady 写道:
On 10/10/17 23:58, 张佳(乾越) wrote:

This is the review request for SM3 hash algorithm. SM3 hash algorithm is
accepted and supported by TPM 2.0 spec. See page 284 in TPM 2.0 spec part 1

Currently, I only implement SM3 in gnulib. I will implement it in
libgcrypt and
openssl later.

Plz refer to the following PRs for code review.

- For the new gnulib module crypto/sm3

- For the new program sm3sum

I see the GMssl fork of openssl on github.
Has any attempt been made to merge with that project?

I don't see GMssl keeps syncing up with the latest openssl so it is not
my goal.

I'm not sure how generally useful a sm3sum command would be TBH.
Being available in gnulib is more plausible,
though I'd like to see it in the more specific openssl library first.

If this is the prerequisite to merge sm3sum and crypto/sm3, I'll do it
later. But technically it is fine to compile sm3sum program without

Why the specific need for an sm3sum command?

In some areas, SM3 algorithm is widely used, because SM3 algorithm has
additional strengthening features against sha256 at the cose of small
overhead increased.

BTW you'd need to assign copyright for this to be merged to gnulib/coreutils.

No problem. Is there anything to do for this?


thanks for taking the time to provide patches.


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