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Realpath resolving current folder with no-symlinks

From: João Eiras
Subject: Realpath resolving current folder with no-symlinks
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2017 13:23:00 +0200


An issue bit me recently. Consider the following:

$ cd
$ mkdir -p realfolder/subfolder
$ ln -s realfolder linkedfolder
$ cd linkedfolder
$ realpath --no-symlinks blah
$ cd subfolder
$ realpath --no-symlinks blah

The first call to realpath resolves the relative path to "blah" to be
an absolute path, but it is resolving symlinks for the current working
folder (.) even though --no-symlinks is given.

The second call happens inside a subfolder, not directly inside the
linked folder and realpath is no longer resolving the symlinks for
that one.

This is inconsistent behavior and seems to me it violate the
--no-symlinks option,

Comments ?

Thank you !

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