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Re: bug#32127: RFE -- in the way "cp -rl" -- enable 'ln' to do likewise?

From: L A Walsh
Subject: Re: bug#32127: RFE -- in the way "cp -rl" -- enable 'ln' to do likewise?
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2018 15:15:44 -0700
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Mike Hodson wrote:

I wager that some people *aren't* aware that you cannot hardlink a directory
        If they don't know why, they probably don't know the difference
between hard and soft links to files -- and will *then* be annoyed that
linking doesn't work. *THEN*, they will your "hundreds of NEW bug reports 'linking broken' 'why can't I link a directory' -- all because ln creates no link nor gives an explanation. My suggestion does both -- create a link that they obviously wanted, of the only type that works (as no link type was specified(**) ), AND warn
that "A symlink was created, as hard-linking to a directory is
not supported".

(**) - if they go so far as to use '-P'/'--physical', then I would suggest
NOT creating the symlink.
That addresses the issue of people filing 100's of new bug reports
as it tells them why -- it's not supported.

The message "hard link not allowed for directory" is also inaccurate.
It says hard linking is not "allowed" (permitted), suggesting it could
be.  Saying 'not supported' says nothing about permissions.

Look at the YEARS of new users being introduced, as their distributions finally 'stabilize' newer coreutils, to the new "Quoted Filenames" in 'ls' . So many people have been totally confused, angry, and rather taken aback that such an old utility did something different.
        Because someone chose to *add* quotes by default when there
was already an option to add them.  They changed the default on a
personal whim.  It's not the case that without quotes nothing will
work.  It was an *arbitrary* choice for change among several choices
that were already present.

Even when it could be argued(and I said exactly this when I saw the new feature) "Hey, thats pretty cool, i can cut and paste with a mouse now and it won't require manual editing later"

        Sigh...untrue.  Maybe someone new who hadn't developed a workflow
to handle such input would like it.  Anyone who had been around "a while"
would have developed a workaround, *if* it bothered them.  That workflow
broke with the new change:

/bin/ls -1
<output>  # that I Copy+Paste as such:
readarray -t files
## now my filenames w/spaces in them or whatever, are in 'files'
# now try to use the files like 'ls "address@hidden"'
ls "address@hidden"
ls: cannot access "'Anime/D. Gray-man'": No such file or directory
ls: cannot access ' Anime/DGreyMan-「ディー・グレイマン」オリジナル・サウンドトラック 2': No such file 
or directory
ls: cannot access "'Anime/Daphne In The Brilliant Blue'": No such file or 
ls: cannot access "'Anime/Darling in the FranXX'": No such file or directory
ls: cannot access "'Anime/Devil Survivor 2 - The Animation OST'": No such file 
or directory
ls: cannot access "'Anime/Dragonaut - The Resonance OST'": No such file or 


        Total SNAFU.

many other people have made the argument of "if its not in an interactive terminal, NOTHING CHANGED" because so many thought that "well crap I can't rely on any scripts to work anymore" \
        If I never ran interactively, I wouldn't have noticed (nor
would I already have a workaround). So it was 1) arbitrary, 2) already had an option to do it (could have been done w/aliases) and 3) it broke existing workflows ==>> Bad Change.

        The proposed change, however fixes an error condition
as well as provides the workaround, automatically (with an
optional explanation).  The two cases are VERY different.


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